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Van 3 Auto Transport Delivered a Nissan Altima in Orlando After Picking it up in Seattle


We ship vehicles every day of the year.Last night Van 3 Auto Transport delivered a Nissan Altima in Orlando,Florida.The vehicle was purchased from a car dealership in Seattle,Washington.Our customer purchased the vehicle online and was looking for a reliable car shipping company to pick up the vehicle from the dealership and ship it to his home in Orlando.He wanted to make sure that we inspect the vehicle very carefully before we pick it up.Careful inspection of the vehicle would allow him to return the vehicle if the vehicle is not exactly as specified by the dealership at the time of purchase.Our driver carefully inspected the vehicle for any scratches or damages before placing it on our car hauler.After seven days of transit time,the vehicle was delivered to our client in Florida.He was very satisfied with the purchase,as well as with our dealership to customer car shipping services.The customer booked his order online,and was able to save a 10% discount on his car shipping services.


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