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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Nissan Altima from Los Angeles,California to Boston,Massachusetts

Nissan Altima

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Nissan Altima from Los Angeles,California to Boston,Massachusetts.Our client went to our. website and booked the order online.He received a free instant quote,which was lower than what he got from any other car shipping company.His vehicle was safely picked up in Los Angeles and it was delivered on time in Boston,Massachusetts.After we shipped his vehicle,we called the client in order to receive feedback for our auto transport services.The client was very pleased with our Door to Door Auto Shipping services and with our Free Online Shipping Calculator. He told us that we are the only auto transport company that was able to provide him with an instant quote on Sunday and he was able to book his order directly through our website.He said that most companies ask for your information and then tell you that they will call you back with a quote.Unfortunately on Sunday,nobody called him back and he was not able to get a quote or book an order.Thankfully,from our website he received an instant quote in seconds and he booked his car shipping order in less than five minutes.

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