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Yesterday morning,we delivered a Mercedes Benz in San Diego,CA. after picking it up in Dallas,TX

Mercedes Benz ML

Yesterday morning,we delivered a Mercedes Benz in San Diego,CA.The vehicle was picked up in Dallas,TX.Our customer purchased this vehicle online and could not wait to have it shipped as quickly as possible.He called us and asked about our services,and we told him that with our expedited  car shipping services we would be able to pick up this vehicle on the next business day.He booked the order right away,and his vehicle was picked up on Monday morning.He asked our driver to take a picture of the vehicle while it was still in the dealership to send it to him.As per his request,when our driver was in Dallas,the first vehicle to be delivered was his new Mercedes Benz.The vehicle was safely delivered to his front door and our customer was extremely satisfied with our express car shipping services.Enjoy your new car Mike!


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