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Sunday Delivery of a Mercedes-Benz GL Shipped from Las Vegas,NV to San Diego,CA

Mercedes GL

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Mercedes-Benz GL from Las Vegas,Nevada to San Diego,California.Our client was very worried about the entire car shipping experience.He wad never shipped a vehicle before,and was very skeptical about the safely of the vehicle while it is being shipped.He called Van 3 Auto Transport with all the right questions.Insurance was very important to him,as he wanted to make sure that if anything does go wrong,he will be fully covered.We told him that with Van 3 Auto Transport his vehicle will be fully insured by our auto transportation insurance,which covers every vehicle that we ship.It does not matter if the vehicle gets a small scratch,or major damage,our insurance will cover the vehicle by paying the full amount it would cost to fix or replace the vehicle.The great thing about our company is that our accident rate is lower than 2%,meaning that 98% of the vehicles we transport are delivered without any damage.Our client was very worried during the entire process.Until his Mercedes-Benz GL was delivered to his home in San Diego,he was not sure that even one of the most reliable car shipping companies in the country would be able to get the job done without any damage.When we delivered the car,the customer did a very extensive inspection report with the driver.They carefully looked at every inch of the truck in order to be absolutely positive that the vehicle did not incur any damage while  it was being transported.The customer was very satisfied with our company as we were able to get the job done without damaging his favorite Mercedes-Benz,and doing it at a very reasonable price.


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