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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Honda Odyssey from Chicago,Illinois to Oklahoma City,Oklahoma


Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Honda Odyssey from Chicago,Illinois to Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.Our client went to our website and booked his order directly through there.He was able to receive a free instant quote,and book his entire order in less than 5 minutes by using our free online car shipping calculator.Our driver picked up the vehicle from our customer directly from his house in Chicago.Due to the heavy snowfall in Chicago our driver had to pick up the vehicle by being very careful.Many car shipping companies do not pick up vehicles on days when it snows.Our driver has a lot of experience and picking up this Honda Odyssey on a snowy afternoon in Chicago was not a problem.The client told us that he will not be present in Oklahoma,therefore,we had to deliver the vehicle to his wife.The car was safely delivered last night in Oklahoma City.

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