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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Honda Accord from Seattle,WA to Jacksonville,FL

Honda Accord

Van 3 Auto transport shipped a Honda Accord from Seattle,WA to Jacksonville,FL.Our client used our auto shipping calculator in order to get an instant price quote.He wanted to ship his Honda Accord from his parents home in Seattle to his home in Jacksonville.The vehicle was not able to move under its own power due to the fact that it was not able to start.Our client was able to notify us of the problem,which made everything much easier.We dispatched a driver to pick it up,who could jump-start the battery of vehicle and start it.Our driver was able to pick up the vehicle without any problems.The client was very excited to accept his vehicle seven days after it was picked up.He was really impressed with our quick car shipping services and the amount of time our drivers dedicate to each one of the vehicles that we ship every in order to make sure that it does not get scratched or damaged in any way.

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