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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Dodge Ram from Philadelphia,PA to Los Angeles,CA

Dodge Ram

We just shipped a Dodge Ram from Philadelphia,PA to Los Angeles,CA.Most of our clients book their orders through our website,but this one decided to do it on the phone.We provided him with all of car shipping information that he needed in order to make the auto shipping process simple and hassle-free.He was not sure if we offer car shipping services from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and we told him that Van 3 Auto Transport offers nationwide car shipping services.This vehicle required special care because it is larger than a standard size car.We dispatched a truck that had the right equipment in order to transport a Dodge Ram.The truck was picked up on time in Pennsylvania and after seven days of transit time it was safely delivered in Los Angeles,California.Our client was pleased to accept his vehicle two days ahead of schedule.


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