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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Chevrolet Corvette from Indianapolis,Indiana to Jacksonville,Florida.


Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Chevrolet Corvette from Indianapolis,Indiana to Jacksonville,Florida.Our customer was looking for a car shipping company that will be able to ship his vehicle safely and within a reasonable time frame.He booked his order directly from our website.After booking the order,he called us in order to speak with us about some of the expectations that he has.He told us that he will be at work,therefore,we may have to pick up the vehicle from his daughter.We told him that it is not a problem and that we can pick up his Chevrolet Corvette from his daughter.The vehicle was picked up on the preferred by him date and it was delivered one day ahead of schedule in Jacksonville,Florida.The vehicle did get dirty during transit because our truck had to pass through rain,but our client got a complimentary car wash.Enjoy your beautiful car Mark.


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