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Van 3 Auto Transport Just Delivered a BMW X5 in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma After Picking it up in Charlotte,North Carolina

Bmw X5

We just delivered a BMW X5 in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma after picking it up in Charlotte,North Carolina.Our customer used our instant car shipping calculator on our website and booked the order directly through there.After booking the order he called us to make sure that we will be able to pick up the vehicle on Tuesday.We told him that it will not be a problem and that we do have a truck leaving Charlotte on Tuesday and going straight to Oklahoma City.His vehicle was picked up on time and the client was very excited,because he was worried that he could miss his flight,which was early Wednesday morning.After three days of transit time,his BMW X5 was safely delivered in Oklahoma City.After we got the car delivered our client said "You are the best auto transportation company I have ever used,thank you for your services."

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