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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a BMW X3 from Greer,South Carolina to Milwaukee,Wisconsin


Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a BMW X3 from Greer,South Carolina to Milwaukee,Wisconsin.We ship vehicles for private individuals as well as some of the top car manufacturers in the country.This vehicle was shipped directly for BMW North America.We ship brand new vehicles for them every week directly from their factory in South Carolina to BMW dealerships.This pictures shows a brand new BMW X3 on a Van 3 Auto Transport trailer.As you can see, the vehicle is safely placed on the trailer and is ready to go to its final delivery point in Wisconsin.It took our driver four days in order to ship this vehicle between Greer and Milwaukee.The vehicle was shipped with our Open Car Hauler,just like almost all of the brand new vehicles that we ship for BMW North America.The car was safely picked up in Greer and safely delivered in Milwaukee.


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