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Van 3 Auto Transport Delivered a BMW 7 Series in Houston,Texas


Van 3 Auto Transport delivered a BMW 750 in Houston,Texas last night.The vehicle was picked up in Miami,Florida six days ago.The customer scheduled the shipping of his vehicle through our website.He was able to receive a free instant quote and book his order directly through our online car shipping calculator.After he received his conformation e-mail,he contacted us because he wanted to make sure that we can pick up his BMW on the desired by him date.We told him that we have trucks going from Florida to Texas three times per week and that we would be able to pick up his car.The client was very worried about the safety of his vehicle.We were able to provide him with proof on insurance,in order to show him that if anything does happen during transit,our insurance will cover whatever it costs to fix or replace the vehicle.The client used our door to door car shipping services and his vehicle was picked up without any problems in Miami and safely delivered to his front door in Houston,Texas.

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