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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a BMW 650 from Savannah,GA to Sacramento,CA

BMW 6 Series

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a BMW 650 from Savannah,Georgia to Sacramento,California.This customer was shipping his BMW to his son in Sacramento and was looking for a reliable auto transport company.He wanted to make sure that the car is delivered in the exact same condition as it was when we picked it up.Our client got his free instant car shipping quote from our website and booked his order directly through there.The vehicle was picked up on Monday,just as he requested,and it was delivered Saturday morning.The client told us to deliver it to his son,who was waiting for it when our driver came to deliver the vehicle.He was impressed with our door to door service,because he did not have to go anywhere to pick up the vehicle,it was delivered directly to his front door.

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