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Van 3 Auto Transport shipped an Audi A5 from Milwaukee,WI to Miami,Fl

Audi A5

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped an Audi A5 From Milwaukee,Wisconsin to Miami,Florida.Right now is the best time to ship a vehicle to Florida,as the prices are low and the weather is great there right now.Our customer read our car shipping tips and decided to ship his new Audi A5 to Miami for his three week vacation.Why spend money on renting a car while on vacation,when you could simply ship your own with an auto transport company and enjoy driving it in the beautiful Miami weather?He booked his order directly online,by booking a round trip!His dates worked out perfectly,as we have trucks going to Florida three times a week.His awesome Audi A5 was picked up on time and safely delivered on time in Florida.Florida is one of the most popular car shipping destinations in the winter,as many people relocate there for a few months,and many  people go on vacation just to escape the cold weather.Our clients pick Van 3 Auto Transport because we are based in Chicago and we have trucks that travel almost all over the country,making car shipping quick,easy,and hassle-free.


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