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Van 3 Auto Transport Delivered an Audi A4 in Florida Wedsnesday Morning After Picking it up in Seattle

Audi A4

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped an Audi A4 from Seattle,WA to Jacksonville,FL.The vehicle was picked up last week in Seattle from our customers' parents.She originally wanted the vehicle picked up one week earlier.We told her that it will not be a problem and that the vehicle will be delivered in seven to ten days.Our client told us that she will not be in Jacksonville in order to receive her vehicle and asked if we could pick up the vehicle from her parents a week later,that way when our truck arrives in Jacksonville she will be there accept it.Our truck picked up her Audi A4 directly from her parents and safely delivered the vehicle Wednesday morning in Florida.She was worried about possible damage because her vehicle is a convertible,but when she received her vehicle she found out that it is in the exact same condition as it was when it was picked up.

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