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Image -1379963837646-VChoosing the best company to transport your vehicle can be a difficult and a frustrating process. There are many car shipping companies in the United States and finding the perfect one requires research. As with any choice you have to make, it is best to separate the best companies by from the rest. The best way to separate the best companies in the industry would be to check their Better Business Bureau record. If a company has many complaints which are unresolved that means that their business practices may not be trustworthy. In every business things do come up, which lead to customer complaints. Great companies are ones that are able to resolve these complaints and exceed the expectations of their customers. When choosing a car transportation company you can trust, the Better Business Bureau is a great source to gather information regarding their business practices. Another great source would be their web site. You can tell a lot about a company when you check their web site. If they have a web site that gives you misleading information, or information that is not correct it is best to avoid that company. The best companies have a web site that uses third party companies like PayPal in order to receive payment. It is best to avoid paying any company that does not use safe transaction methods like PayPal.

Open car transport is the most economical way to transport your car. If you are looking for a way to transport your vehicle and save money along the way open vehicle transport would be the best way to do it! You save money on gas, hotels, food and also the wear and tear on your vehicle.Our fixed transportation rates will save you more than 50% of the money you would have to pay if you drove your vehicle yourself. We can transport any type of vehicle, while saving you money along the way! Open car shipping is the most widely used vehicle transportation service that we provide for our customers.

How do I Save Money with Open Car Transport?
Why should I use a Car Transportation Company?

Let's say that Bobby is moving from Chicago to Los Angles. The distance between Chicago and Los Angeles is 2050 Miles. He has everything ready to move, all he has to do is transport his vehicle. He owns a Toyota Camry with MPG of 24.In order for him to drive out there he will spend about $550 on gas. He would need to drive a total of 35 hours, which means that he will have to use a hotel for at least four days. If he drives about 9 hours a day without stopping he will only spend 4 nights in a hotel. If he wants to save money he will rest in a more economical hotel. One night in most economical hotels costs between $60 and $100.If he gets lucky and spends all four nights in economical hotels he will have to pay $240.During the entire trip he will also have to purchase food along the way. The amount of money spent on food varies, but after speaking with our professional drivers we found out that they spend at least $120 on food on a trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. The total cost for Bobby to drive his car from Chicago to Los Angeles if he does everything that he can to save money would be $910.If he decides to drive his vehicle he will lose a full week of work, meaning that he will not be able to get his weekly salary of $1000.The cost of driving your vehicle adds up, therefore, using a car transportation company is the best available option out there.

Total Costs

Drive the Car Myself Van 3 Auto Transport
Gas $550 Gas: 0
Hotels $240 Hotels: 0
Food $120 Food: 0
Losing a week of work $1000 Toll ways: 0
Total Cost: $ 1910 Total Cost: 900

***Using Van 3 Auto Transport Bobby actually ends up making $1000 because he will not lose a week of work, therefore you will be able to earn his weekly salary.

Transporting your vehicle with open car transport will save you a lot of time and money. At Van 3 Auto Transport we offer competitive rates and we do whatever it takes to make sure we maintain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Setting up transportation for your vehicle can be a long and frustrating process,so please let us do it for you! Give us a Call or send us an E-mail and let us make your next move your best move!

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