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Enclosed transport is when a vehicle shipping company uses a custom built, hard sided and fully enclosed equipment to transport vehicles. This special type of equipment protects your vehicle from every hazard on the road. Dirt, dust, rocks or any other hazard of the road will have no way of damaging your vehicle when it is on one of our high class enclosed trailers. If you are moving a rare or a high value vehicle the best option for you is to choose our enclosed vehicle shipping service. Enclosed vehicle shipping is the safest method to transport your vehicle to any destination in the United States.

Enclosed vehicle shipping offers extra protection, which guarantees that your vehicle will be in the exact same condition when it is delivered as it was when it was picked up. Our top of the line enclosed trailers guarantee that your vehicle will be fully protected from rain, dust and any other hazards of the road that might cause any damage. We can even make arrangements to have your vehicle be picked up in an enclosed trailer that can maintain a temperature desired by you! We provide our customers with the highest level of exotic car transport to ensure that their high value, rare or exotic vehicles stay in the same condition during the entire transport process.

At Van 3 Auto Transport we know how important your vehicle is, so we make sure that we only employ the best carriers in the industry to transport the vehicles of our customers. We make sure that they have the mandatory experience in order to provide all of our customers with safe, reliable and hassle free transport regardless of whether it is open or enclosed car transport. At Van 3 Auto Transport we know that when you are transpiring a vehicle that is worth millions of Dollars or a special car that is irreplaceable you will settle for nothing less than the safest and most reliable Enclosed Shipping. That is exactly what we do at Van 3 Auto Transport! We offer our clients the most reliable Enclosed Shipping in the industry since 2007.We know that shipping your vehicle with a reliable company is important, therefore we strive every day to keep our 100% positive rating with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that our clients know that we do whatever it takes to keep their transportation needs fully satisfied.

We care about your vehicle and will do whatever it takes to make sure that it arrives in perfect condition! When shipping any kind of a vehicle you have to make sure that you choose a transportation company that has a great reputation in the industry. Often vehicle transportation companies will offer you a very low price and then start adding fees, so please make sure you hire a company that does not charge customers with hidden fees or additional taxes! Another important factor to look at before letting a car shipping company transport your vehicle is to make sure that the company is 100% insured! Please beware companies that are not fully insured! Van 3 Auto Transport is 100% insured and we have 100% customer satisfaction rating and we intend to keep it that way! If you have any questions , comments, or would like to provide us with feedback please give us a call or send us an e-mail!


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