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Is your vehicle ready for the summer HEAT ?

Blog -post 2-bigIs the summer really going to be a scorcher? Are you missing the exceptionally long, cold winter? You may want to retract that wish because we are here with some helpful tips that will refresh your vehicle for those hot summer days. Although various weathercasts always display different forecast for the season … for this summer they all agree on the question that by July summer heat will have arrived in full force across most parts of North America. In the central part of the nation the summer will be the typical summer although in other parts it won't be as much as a hot summer as it will be humid (this will make traveling across the country very tiresome). The heat, dust and traffic will take a toll on your vehicle. You can lessen the odds of your car breaking down by following our tips. Some tips are easy to do, others require an auto technician. • Air conditioning That's the most essential part of your car when you are going on a long summer trip. Before you go, have the system examined by a qualified technician. Depending on your car model there are a various type of air filters that clean the air entering the air conditioning system. Check your car manufacturer manual for location and replacement interval

Examine your tires before you go on a long trip. Check the tire pressure while they are cold (before driving). Make sure the jack is in a good condition. Examine for uneven wearing, check the sideways for cuts and marks.

Cooling system
Make sure to flush and refill your cooling system at least once every 12 months. The level of the fluid should be checked 1-2 months to make sure it is on the aligned spot (a 50/50 mix with water and antifreeze is recommended). NEVER remove the radiator cap before cooling down the entire vehicle.

Change your oil and oil filter approximately every 3.000 miles.

Brakes should be inspected once in 3-4 months. As soon as you detect any pulsations, not handling the brakes contact your technician for assistance.

Inspect all lights and bulbs. If your lenses are dirty get some toothpaste and brush it off until it's clean again.

Always have in your car first aid kit, helpful medications and flashlight. Ask your mechanic for suitable tools that can be in handy for your vehicle.

Remember wherever you go check the weather forecast.If the wheatherman was as good as we are at car shipping,the world would be a much better place.If you want to avoid having to prepare your car for driving acros the country,you should consider using a car shipping company.Our job will be to ship your vehicle safely from point A to point B without you having to drive for days and waste money on traveling expenses and gas.

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