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The Flag of Arizona The Seal of Arizona
Flag of Arizona Seal of Arizona

One of the greatest Mountain West states Arizona ranks on 6thplace by area factor and is the 15thmost populous state in the West. Capital and largest city of "The Grand Canyon State" is Phoenix with biggest metro area Phoenix metropolitan area. Being close to the Mexican border Arizona is important merchant and import/export crossroad. 


Arizona's very warm summers and chilling cold winters are due to semi-desert climate. In the northern part of the state are two of the America's signature mountains chain Colorado Plateau. The region climate is cooler in the summer and significant snowfalls in the winter. Alpine winter resort is located there, if you are into winter sports the North Arizona will win you with its various resorts and nature landmarks. Grand Canyon National park is the regions oyster, you can enjoy many Indian Reservations that serve as a home to the local Native American tribes. You will need a vehicle moving through this mountain terrain. Using an auto transport service will save you a lot of trouble moving through your next adventure.

A worthy mention is one of the most famous landmarks: The Grand Canyon. Contained in the Grand Canyon National Park, chiseled by Colorado River and visited by millions of people each year. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and one of the first national parks in the United States.

Arizona's economy is so immense that it overcome countries such as Finland, New Zealand and Ireland. The layout of the state's economy is modestly different, most of it is concentrated in those areas: government facilities, transportation and health care. Early in time most of the industries that had major impact on the economy was food & beverage services and the extraction of different minerals and ores. Nowadays copper is still widely mined from numerous sweeping open-pit and underground mines, representing two-thirds of the country's yield.

Keep a few things in mind before relocating to a new place especially if you want to transport a multiple vehicles:

- Enclosed, open or top-load shipping. Choose wisely, dependent on your auto's price range

- Immediate, expedited or guaranteed delivery. If you want your cars to be picked up ASAP you will need to inform us right away!

- Destinations points- door to door or terminal to terminal. The price range varies for the destination (In Arizona is commonly chosen door to door auto shipping)

Do you feel tempted to live in "The Grand Canyon State"? Our drivers know the region well and we've transported many vehicles to this state. Simply to start the process visit our user friendly Website and receive a FREE INSTANT QUOTE in under 2 minutes. Our friendly call agents will take your vehicle shipping request at our 24/7 Hot Line: (708) 357-8698.

We look forward to making your next move your BEST move!